My Backstory

I was born in Detroit, MI. But, by the age of two I was living in St. Louis, MO. By the age of five, I was living in St. Thomas, VI. That’s where I was raised and shaped. Something about the island lifestyle and endless ocean makes me more in touch with nature and reminds me how small we are. But the glamour and glitz life on the mainland (aka America) is enticing. So I left home with hopes of “getting the money and running” to return home to the simple life.

By the age of 24, I found myself in Washington DC as a Communications Director for a Democrat Member of Congress. I left to start an organizational development consulting firm and became Chair of the DC Black Republicans.

Yet, the call of the simple life was pulling at me. Abandoned by the church and disillusioned by what Christianity looked like on the mainland, I became Rastafarian. Studying Haile Selassie and Ethiopia led me back to Christianity, through the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. I studied for seven years under a bishop, several monks and other clergy, who taught me the simple and profound faith of Orthodox Christianity. Even as an Episcopal Priest, it is that simple and profound faith I hope to offer to you.

Formal Bio

Fr. Jabriel S. Ballentine helps people deepen their spirituality and fulfill their life’s purpose. As a Spiritual Director, Preacher and Workshop Presenter, he doesn’t simply make you feel good; he guides you along a journey to realizing God’s great abundance. He inspires people through biblical insights and spiritual vision: going beyond mere worldly motivation and providing lasting hope. His guidance and counsel has led numerous people to develop fuller relationships with God, themselves and others.

An experience with him doesn’t feel “churchy.” His realness puts people at ease and invites them to share even the most uncomfortable thoughts. He easily connects with people of any age group and from all walks of life. He is the Performer of Journey to the Promised Landan album of poetry that appeals to the search of those trying to find their faith. His Championship Love® relationship method is receiving rave reviews and tangible results, which will be available in print, Fall 2015. He is cohost of Racial Heresy, a monthly podcast on Christian theology and racial reconciliation.

Fr. Jabriel holds a Master’s Degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s from the University of Maryland. He resides in Dr. Phillips, Florida with his wife and son.