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It’s Time to Play for a Championship Love

Game Changer Personal Training, part of the Championship Love ™ couples and family relationship system, is a one-on-one relationship training program designed to shift the perspective on how couples play the game of dating and marriage, so that more couples might win championships in their shared life. It is not a therapy method. Rather, the goal is to change the way individuals and couples approach their relationships – preparing them to find the right match and develop a relationship in a way that lends to success.

As a result of my own struggles and failures in relationships, I went through my own therapy, did extensive study and conducted years of market research to understand the foundational problems that prevent us from having successful relationships. Using that information, I developed the Game Changer System to help individuals break the cycle of failure and manipulation.

Many people exercise. There are some who are a bit more committed, who go to the gym. Those who are supremely committed to getting in shape usually sign up for personal training. They know the advantage of working with someone in a one-on-one relationship.

I want to restore your hope in love. I want to help you transition from being a hopeless romantic to a hopeFUL romantic. I want to help you see the beauty of love and dating. I want to help you improve your relational fitness and get you into top dating shape. That’s why I’m inviting you to my personal training program.

Championship Love is designed for you if:

  • You are tired of the dating games
  • You are new to the dating scene (or have been out of the scene for a long time)
  • You have struggled to find “the one”
  • You are ready to take the steps needed to find a better approach to dating
  • You are uncertain about the relationship you a presently in


Enroll in Personal Training


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How does Personal Training work?

  • 1 copy of my book, Game Changer: How to Find a Championship Love
  • 8 1-hour sessions spanning at most 2 months: covering the overarching principles of the Game Changer System while specifically tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Homework & exercises: to help your work between sessions
  • Unlimited email/text communication during our personal training relationship: ask any question about our work together or how you’re doing with applying it to your life
  • 4 Pre-Game Coaching or Post-Game Analysis sessions: 15 minutes of coaching before your date or analysis of a date you just completed, to help you in your decision making
  • Online Dating Profile Critique: if you have a membership in any online dating site, I’ll review one profile and help you fine tune it so that it is more effective
  • 1 PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment & Review Session: designed to help you and “the one” you’ve committed to identify the strengths of your relationship and the potential weaknesses so that you have a greater chance of success


Enroll in Personal Training


Jabriel is an absolutely amazing relationship and dating coach.  I feel so grateful to have him.  We start each session with prayer, then include The Lord and His word in our discussions.  He has a relaxed and organic coaching style.  He’s patient, naturally inquisitive, and being coached by him is powerful without being intrusive.  He helps me cut through to the heart of what I value in relationships and infuses my outlook with positivity.  Friendly, relate-able and deeply intuitive, he always has great questions that make me think and meaningful homework assignments that move me forward.  Jabriel is a gifted healer often displaying warmth, understanding and insight, while encouraging me to look ahead and take another brave step forward.  Compassionately wise, Jabriel has gently helped me be honest and accountable to myself while I face some underlying issues which may have, in the past, prevented me from enjoying successful relationships.  With his guidance and encouragement I’m moving in the right direction and look forward to growing with him and The Lord’s help.

Elizabeth J., Philadelphia, PA

I appreciate the guidance and support of Fr. Jabriel Ballentine as he provided me private and direct counsel prior to my wedding.  The scripture-based guidance and tough discussion really helped me to examine who I am and who I was marrying.  It has been a tremendous blessing to our marriage because it helped us to go into it properly.  I knew he was on target when my pastor repeated most of the same things during our couples counseling.

Dameon P., Washington, DC

Jabriel is a comforting soul to share with. He listens well and offers practical insights when discussing relationship conflict.

Jacqui F., Washington, DC

Fr. Ballentine’s eastern orthodox religious training combined with his educational knowledge has served him well to use different methods to reach people. Personally, I have gained a better understanding of biblical husband duties in the area of love. Through Fr. Ballentine’s teaching, for the first time I have a better grasp of what my biblical responsibilities are to truly love my wife. He is eager to listen and adapt to other suggestions on how best to learn biblical text.  He is energetic and enthusiastic about his faith and his responsibilities as a spiritual leader.  This motivates and encourages me to continue my spiritual learning and remain prayerful of everlasting life.

Douglas A., Orlando, FL

The seriousness and commitment to marriage was one of the first topics which convinced us that this is a course that should be presented to all considering or poised for marriage. We feel no subject was left neglected….from raising and disciplining our children, to how we show each other love, to sex, and worship…even the period of courtship was touched. We look forward to more sessions involving marriage and relationships.  Great job and awesome teaching!

Chris and Rachel J., Orlando, FL

The world that we live in can be such a tough place for relationships. Statistics of divorce, affairs as well the cultural norms can make commitment such a scary word. I’m thankful that my friend Jabriel is doing the hard work of sharing the simple truths, that we as a society often forget. I believe that the truths found in this book will help to create of culture of men and women who can be “champions of love.”

Ché Scott, Founder: New Guy Code

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